Vijay Wants To Explode Like A Volcano


Kavalan is a Siddhique film where politically inclined punch dialogues on the current political establishment will not be entertained.

But Vijay has always wanted to infuse his films with politically inclined punch dialogues.

Will he able to do it this time at least in his next movie? Well, he can’t. There are people who must allow him to take his own course.

If not, then Vijay must resort to making his own movies. Velayutham is his next film where he tried to include political punch dialogues.

Aascar Ravichandran strongly objected inclusion of punch dialogues on politics. He firmly refused inclusion of such dialogues in his films when Vijay asked for inclusion of some.

Vijay wants to explode like a volcano but he is kept dormant by producers and directors.

Only if he produces his own films, will this be possible!

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