Kavalan And Aadukalam Is In Trouble For Ilaignan


In the never ending speculation of whose film releases when, every film is subject to an uncertainty of when it will release.

Kaavalan was said to be postponed or at least reports claimed that it got lesser theaters out of all the films releasing for Pongal.

Since it was too early, Kavalan took full measures to sort this problem out but now Aadukalam is in trouble.

It seems like only on the release date, which film has released can be known. Two reasons are attributed to the postponement of release, if it ‘were’ to happen.

Although it is most likely that it may release for Pongal, the element of doubt suggests that it may be postponed by at least two weeks.

First reason cited is that Aadukalam is unsure of securing maximum theaters. Courtesy, the bigger power of ‘Ilaignan’.

Ilaignan has secured the most number of theaters, by more than 300 centers, followed by Kavalan and finally Aadukalam has taken the beating.

It is also said that the Chief Minister asked Kalanidhi Maran to postpone release. So, Aadukalam’s release isn’t certain as at least a two week postponement is expected.

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