Suriya Has Agreed To Perform A Cameo In Avan Ivan


Suriya recently did a goodwill cameo for Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Manmadhan Ambu since he is the producer of his 7aam Arivu. Again, for Bala, who gave a boost to his career when he was down, Suriya has agreed to perform a cameo in Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’.

‘Avan Ivan’ is directed by Bala, produced by AGS Entertainment and has Arya and Vishal in lead roles. Suriya will appear as Suriya in the film and it could be remembered that Suriya played an actor in the film “Manmadhan Ambu”.

Suriya is not worried about repeating his cameo as an actor since the role is worth playing for Bala who gave a boost to his career. It is said to be a role similar to what Simran did in Pithamagan in which Suriya played the lead role with Vikram.

Vishal will mimic top actors in the scene in which Suriya appears as Suriya himself. Suriya is not only known for his diplomacy but also for not forgetting those who helped him.

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