Maddelacheruvu Suri's Finance For RGV Movie

Rakta Charitra

After spreading Suri murder news across the state, RGV who directed Rakta Charitra movie in two parts based on Paritala Ravi life. Of course, RGV has received many demands and threats for not to make film on Ananta faction story as it would cause fresh row violence in the district between two political parties.

But, RGV has gone ahead with his decision to make film on Ananta faction continuing since three decades. Also, he received finance for Suri to project him as hero in the second part for his political career.

Ramgopal Varma, the man behind happening of ‘Raktha Charitra’ is shocked by the sudden murder of Maddelacheruvu suri who was hero in second part of the movie. ‘By the time I finished Rakta Charitra, the reality became a film for me and now this incident jolted me back into reality.

It is shocking to see a person with whom I have been interacting with for over a year for research of RC just lying there still and lifeless,’ tweeted Ramu.

The curious media is attempting to meet RGV on phone but it was switched off with Suri murder news. The industry source says, RGV will take leave from Tollywood till the situation under control.

Besides, the RGV latest movie project "Bezwada Rowdeelu" has received setback as many politicians irrespective of caste from Vijayawada have strongly demand RGV to dump the story as well as movie as it would create the fresh troubles for peace in Vijayawada.

It remains to be seen whether RGV continues his arrogance or take a short leave.

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